Sam Goldstein

Sam Goldstein has made criminal law the foundation of his entire career. Sam first worked as a Crown prosecutor at all levels of the courts in Ontario. His daily duty was to represent the government in prosecuting cases that covered a wide range of criminal matters: burglary, fraud, sexual offences, robbery, computer crime, and murder. This valuable experience from “the other side” now forms the foundation of his work as a defence lawyer who diligently defends the rights of the accused.

A defence lawyer on top of the challenge

Featured Services

If you or your corporation has been charged with a regulatory offence, Sam Goldstein can serve as your capable and assertive legal defender.

Bail and Extraditions

Your loved one, relative, friend is in jail and he's asked for you to get him out. Please call Sam immediately. It's vital he is released at a bail hearing or he risks remaining in jail until a trial.


Criminal Appeals

The unthinkable happened. But the fight is not over. You have 30 days to file your Notice. Call Sam to find out how you can keep on fighting. You need to understand your grounds of appeal, bail pending appeal, and the possibilities of introducing fresh evidence or reviewing the effectiveness of your trial counsel.


Drug Charges

Don’t let an evening of having a good team put you in jail for a long time. A conviction for most drug offences means mandatory minimum sentences. You need Sam Goldstein to defend you Charter right against unlawful detention, unauthorized searches, or improper questioning.


Firearm And Weapons Offences

Charged with a Firearms Act infraction or Criminal Code weapons offence? You need a lawyer who will stand up to the police. Sam Goldstein will be on your side.


Fraud And Forgery

A business deal went bad. Now people want their money back. Or, your intentions were pure. That's why you started a Not-for-Profit. You need a lawyer who understands financial documents, complex business transactions, financial and government regulators, alternative business models, and charity law. That would be Sam Goldstein.


Sexual Assault

You can't believe this is happening to you. The police called because they received a complaint. They want to hear your side. You want to tell them the truth about what happened. Don't. Call Sam and find out why speaking to the police when you are accused of sex assault allegations, domestic or aggravated assault will not help you.


Regulatory Offences and Disciplinary Hearings

When you receive notice from your professional licensing board or a government regulator that you are being investigated, charged, or disciplined, your professional livelihood or business is at risk. You need to call Sam to intervene on your behalf.


Theft, Mischief and Obstruct Justice

With minor property offences a little tact and compensation can go a long way in getting you a good result. You require a lawyer who knows his way around the criminal system and the myriad of courthouses in the GTA, you need Sam Goldstein.



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