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Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer - Sam Goldstein

Sam Goldstein has made criminal law the foundation of his entire career. Sam first worked as a Crown prosecutor at all levels of the courts in Ontario. His daily duty was to represent the government in prosecuting cases that covered a wide range of criminal matters: burglary, fraud, sexual offences, robbery, computer crime, and murder. This valuable experience from “the other side” now forms the foundation of his work as a defence lawyer who diligently defends the rights of the accused.


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"Mr. Sam Goldstein is a great lawyer. I went for the consultation and he explained everything for me. He took the time and met with me even though it was a last minute call; he made an effort to meet with me late in the night. He took the time to explain all the concepts and never pressured me to hire him. After we hired him, he was there every time we needed him. He was never absent and never did he send someone else on his behalf. in my opinion, he is an extremely excellent lawyer exceeding all my expectations which was proven throughout the course of the trial.He answered all our calls regardless of neither the time nor how silly our inquiries were. We felt his support at every step of the way to the final day of court.I recommend Mr. Goldstein to everyone who needs an attorney. Having Mr. Goldstein as my attorney made a significant difference in my case and my experience in the justice system."

J. H.

"Dear Mr. Goldstein, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me. You have touched my heart in such a fond way that is beyond a lawyer and client relationship. I will never be able to thank you enough for putting in the countless hours on my case. I feel as though you went above and beyond for me and will forever be grateful for your; support, compassion, understanding and knowledge. Mere words can never express how thankful I am to you, for getting my life back. You truly are good at what you do! I wish you continual success for both your law firm and family. Although I never want to need your services again, I will recommend you in the highest regards to anyone who may. I wish there was something more profound to say, than "THANK YOU" but "THANK YOU"!!!"

R. B.

"I came to Mr. Goldstein with a complicated case, one that was unfortunately receiving a fair amount of media attention, and he immediately got down to business. Incredibly, he shepherded the case to a quick and simple resolution that allowed me to avoid the worst-case-scenario outcomes that were keeping me up at night. Against all odds, he found a path to the best possible outcome. Thank you, Sam."

J. L.

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