About Sam Goldstein

Have trial. Will wear gloves.

Sam Goldstein

Criminal Trial Lawyer & Criminal Appeal Lawyer

Sam Goldstein likes to win. Even when he was prosecuting criminal offences, he liked winning. Though prosecuting is easy. Defending is hard. Sam has a simple formula to winning your criminal case; always be prepared to go to trial. If he must, he’ll resolve your case because that is what is in your best interest because that is what you want. But he’ll tell you straight. If you want to win. Don’t plead guilty and certainly don’t take the first plea offer that you get.

Sam Goldstein has been a criminal lawyer for over twenty-three years. He is a former Assistant Crown Attorney. He is an Adjudicator on the Law Society of Ontario Discipline Tribunal. Now he likes to use his knowledge and experience prosecuting people charged with criminal offences defending people. Sam has appeared at all levels of court in Canada including the Supreme Court of Canada. He’s handled just about every offence in the criminal code and then some.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a disciplinary offence, a regulatory offence, a white collar crime, fraud, sexual assault, or you or a loved one is facing extradition, or you want to appeal your case, you better call Sam Goldstein. You need to win, and Sam likes winning.

Angelo Veneziano

Criminal Trial Lawyer & Criminal Appeal Lawyer

Angelo is my associate. He’s an excellent example of a lawyer who has that important combination of being both book smart and street wise because knowing how to play the angles in your case is sometimes the needed edge to win.

But most important to me, Angelo is a really solid guy. He’s dependable. His word is his bond. It’s imperative to me that you should know that my associate is looking out for your interests at all times so you can have a good night’s rest. Angelo has your covered.

Angelo is fluent in Italian and French. He went to Windsor law school. He did his graduate degree in Political Science from McMaster University -where I did my graduate degree. He spent a good five years before attending law school working for the City of the Toronto in the Parks and Recreation department. He is no parvenu to good old fashioned hard work.

Angelo is always pleased to talk to you about his favourite Toronto sports team, the problems with the world, and where to get the best hamburger in Toronto. He likes a good Italian wine. And, he likes to win -like me.

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