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How do I Get Bail?

Bail Hearings and Bail Review. 

Likely If you are reading this page then a friend or loved one has been arrested and you are looking for a lawyer to get him out of a jail. You have come to the right place. Sam Goldstein is an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer with a proven track record of success in getting people bail. Sam Goldstein conducted thousands of bail hearings when he was an Assistant Crown Attorney prosecuting offences. Now he uses that experience to get you out.  

It is common knowledge that criminal cases are won or lost at a bail hearing. Studies show that a person is more likely to plead guilty if they do not get bail. Getting out of jail is that important. 

Your relative or loved one is in good hands. I will maximize your friend or loved one’s chances for getting out of jail by interviewing any person who wants to bail them out. We will sit down and work out a plan of release and go over how to answer the questions that they are likely to be asked. 

If your friend or loved one lost his bail hearing, then you can go to ta higher court for a bail Review. Sam Goldstein has a successful track record of getting people bail after they initially lost their bail hearing. 

If you have been contacted by the police and told to turn yourself in, call Sam Goldstein. He will guide you and assist in your surrender and begin negotiating the conditions of your release ahead of time so that possibly you can get bail without having to have a bail hearing. Remember. You have a right to remain silent. It is folly to think that if you tell the police your side of the story then everything will be ok. 


If your friend or loved one needs a bail hearing or bail review, call Sam Goldstein. Need Bail. Will wear gloves. Call me at 416-927-1211.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon your arrest the police have the choice to release a person charged with a criminal offence from jail without requiring a bail hearing. Police will generally hold a person for a bail hearing where they have concerns establishing your identity, concerns that you will interfere in their investigation by destroying property or continuing the offence; or, concerns that you will not show up to court.

A surety is somebody willing to supervise you while you are released on bail and will be responsible for ensuring that you are following all of the conditions of your bail. Depending on certain circumstances, you may be required to live with your surety and the surety will likely be required to pledge a monetary amount towards the bail. This monetary pledge ensures that the surety will properly supervise you –or risk losing their money should they fail to do so.

If you are released on bail the Court will impose conditions upon you that you must follow or risk being charged with failure to comply with you bail thus making it even more difficult for you to be released for a second time. These conditions of release may include a requirement to report to a police station on a regular basis, to remain away from a specific area or location, to maintain a curfew, to notify the peace officer of any change in address or employment or occupation, to abstain from communicating, directly or indirectly, with any victim, witness or other person identified in the order, or any other conditions that a judge imposes.

If you are denied bail at the initial stage then you can apply to have a Superior Court Judge review your detention. Judicial Review is on a limited basis. You must show the reviewing court that there has been a change in your circumstances to justify your release or that the bail court justice made an error in detaining you. The limited review of a detention order is why you need experienced counsel at the initial stage and why you need experienced counsel to ensure that errors by the bail court are reviewed.

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