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If you have been accused of a crime or you are already facing criminal charges, you should never hesitate to hire a criminal lawyer. Here’s why:

Criminal lawyers know what they are doing

No matter how intelligent you are, you will not have the knowledge and skill required to defend yourself in a criminal case before the courts; unless you have studied and practised law. Even then, representing yourself in a criminal case would not be a good idea. Criminal lawyers, prosecutors, police and judges all hire an attorney when they charged with criminal offences. So, why wouldn’t you? With years of training and legal practice, a criminal lawyer will have the ability to form sound legal arguments and tackle the complicated matters that may arise from your case.

A criminal lawyer is your advocate

In the justice system, your criminal lawyer is the only one who will fight for you. When you go to court, the prosecutor will present a well-planned case in an effort to prove that you are guilty of the crime you’ve been accused of. Your lawyer then has the job of refuting the prosecution’s claim to convince the judge or jury that you are innocent. To do this your lawyer will use his or her knowledge of the law and draw from experience to find loopholes in the prosecution’s case. Your lawyer will also find witnesses and experts to speak on your behalf.

Criminal lawyers are excellent negotiators

Plea bargaining is an important part of most criminal cases, even though all negotiations do not end with a plea deal. Plea bargaining is the process whereby the prosecution and a defendant attempt to come to an agreement in which the defendant may plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a more serious charge to be dropped.

When a case goes to court, no one knows what the outcome will be. With a plea bargain, you do not have to take the gamble. A plea bargain might also help you to save money on your legal fees as it can help you to resolve a criminal matter faster. Experienced criminal lawyers are skilled when it comes to negotiating. This may prove helpful in your case.

Innocence is not enough to have a case dismissed

You might be of the impression that you do not need a criminal lawyer because you know you did not commit the crime. However, simply being innocent is not enough. Just ask one of the many innocent people imprisoned because they were not able to prove their innocence to a judge or jury. Do not take any chances with your freedom. Hire an experienced criminal lawyer to represent you.

Are you looking for a criminal lawyer in Toronto?

If you are in search of a criminal lawyer in Toronto, give us a call at the law offices of Sam Goldstein. For Sam Goldstein, criminal law has been the foundation of his entire career. He first worked as a prosecutor at all levels of the courts in Ontario. Sam’s daily duty was to represent the government in prosecuting cases that covered a wide range of criminal matters. From this experience, Sam gained valuable knowledge from “the other side”. He now uses this knowledge as the foundation of his work as a defence lawyer who diligently defends the rights of the accused. That is why he is one of the top criminal lawyers in Toronto.

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve been accused of or charged with assault, fraud, forgery, kidnapping, theft, gun, weapon and firearm offences, cybercrimes, obstruction of justice, murder, manslaughter or any other criminal offence, contact us today.

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