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Drug Offences

The police said they had a warrant to search your house or motor vehicle and now you are charged with a drug-related offence. Whether you are charged with Simple Possession, Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, Trafficking, or Importing or Production, you need a lawyer with a proven track record of challenging search warrants, dealing with drug offences, and knowledge and expertise about your Charter rights. That lawyer is Sam Goldstein. 

In almost all circumstances the police require a search warrant but there are situations in which the police can conduct a warrantless search of your person or cell phone. Sam Goldstein went to the Supreme Court of Canada, in the first case of its kind, challenging a search of his client’s cell phone. He knows the law. He pioneered it. 

Too often, changes to sentencing laws have made a jail sentence the typical sentence for most drug convictions.  If you are convicted, you need the proven experience of Sam Goldstein to maximize your chances for a better sentence. Do not let an addiction problem or a single night having a good time define the rest of your life.

If you have been charged with a drug-related offence, I can help. Have a drug related trial, Will wear gloves.  Call me at 416-927-1211.

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