Toronto Drug Charges Lawyer

Yes, the use of recreational marijuana has been legalized across Canada, but you may still face drug charges for marijuana if you are found in possession of an amount of marijuana or marijuana plants exceeding what is allowed by law. And the sentencing for selling marijuana without a licence had gone up.

The sentencing for the offences of Importation, Trafficking, Simple Possession, and Possession for the Purposes of Trafficking in cocaine, methamphetamine, opioids such as fentanyl are much harsher.
Usually a key issue is the lawfulness of the search or your body, a motor vehicle, hotel room, or place of residence. As a Toronto drug charges lawyer, Sam Goldstein has argued before the Supreme Court of Canada on the issue of search and seizure.

Let Sam Goldstein get dressed for the fight of your life. Sam Goldstein understands your search and seizure Charter right and will put on his gloves to fight to defend your right to privacy in court.

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