Toronto Sexual, Domestic, Bodily Harm and Aggravated Assault Lawyer

Do any one of these scenarios sound familiar to you? You hooked-up on Tinder. Now the person says she did not consent or –worse, she didn’t tell you her real age.

A person you have not seen for several years now claims you touched her child.

You think you are innocently flirting with a person at the gym and before you know it the police arrest you for criminal harassment.

You have to be careful in these times.

The mere stigma of being accused of any crime, let alone sexual assault, no matter how minor the allegation, can irreparably damage a person’s reputation. It is understandable to wonder, “Who is going to be believe me?” Sam Goldstein will.

Convictions for sexual assault, sexual interference, sexual exploitation or other sexually related offences, have grave consequences. Depending upon the severity of the assault, jail is a real possibility) and registration on national and provincial sex offender and DNA databases is mandatory.

Sam Goldstein brings his years of experience successfully prosecuting sexual assault and assault related cases in Toronto when he was an Assistant Crown Attorney to successfully defending people like you from these charges.

Each case has its own particular facts, and to each person accused of this type of offence, the defence is extremely important. Sexual assault cases typically benefit from extensive pretrial investigation, preparation, and knowledge of possible defences. For example, you may have had an honest but mistaken belief in consent, you may have engaged in the identical sexual activity on prior occasions that the complainant now claims was not consensual, or you may want access to therapeutic records, if any, that will reveal contradictions in the complainant’s story.

If you are charged with sexual assault, related crime or, criminal harassment, threats or even a simple assault, check your computer or mobile phone for emails, text messages, or voice mails. Sam Goldstein is the first lawyer in Canada to qualify an expert in the use of social media to explain away threatening comments as mere innocent exaggeration and one of the first lawyers to start using social media, such as Facebook, as a treasure trove of defence evidence.

If you have been charged with an assault-related offence, such as aggravated assault or assault with a weapon, you have defences. The fight might have been consensual. You may have had the lawful right to use reasonable force to defend yourself.

There are defences even when the altercation took place between spouses. You need to speak to a lawyer. You need to speak to Sam Goldstein Criminal Law: Trials & Appeals.

R. v. D.S. -Utter threats: Comments on Facebook were exaggerations.

R. v. B.: -Criminal Harassment: Comments on Facebook indicated complainant did not fear defendant.

R. v. T.: -Sexual Exploitation: Text messages to child’s friend showed animus against step-father.

R v. G.M. –Sexual Assault: Defendant had an honest but mistaken belief in consent.

R v. B.W. –Aggravated Sexual Assault: Prior history of deceitful conduct made complainant not credible.

R. v. S.E. –Sexual Exploitation: Defendant unaware of complainant’s true age.

R. v. M. –Assault Bodily Harm: Defendant used reasonable force to defend himself against his father.

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