Theft, mischief and obstruction of justice

Have trial. Will wear gloves.

Although the facts in Break and Enters, Mischief to Property, Mischief to Computer Data, Breaches of Probation, Obstruction, or like offences are often simple, the legal issues that arise in defending them are a great deal more complicated than you might think. The Crown may have to deal with the admissibility of judicial records, the cost of the damage, or identification.

With minor property offences a little tact and compensation can go a long way in getting you a good result.

You require a lawyer who knows his way around the criminal system and the myriad of courthouses in the GTA.

Want a different type of lawyer?

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To formally engage my services as your defence lawyer, I will offer you a Letter of Engagement, which you will sign as acceptance. Your initial payment, by cheque or VISA/MasterCard, is due at that time.

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